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Black French Manicure >> Nail Art Designs 2022 | New Nails Art Compilation

Let me know if you have to just switch it over and I’m gonna powder gel manicure.So I’m basically just gonna show at home gel manicure kit, yeah everything that I’ve got we’re going to put my chair on my table together, so I hope you guys like this video like comment, you guys are new smart trying to make you guys gonna hit the subscribe button because we are on the road to Chinese that’s what some period, so let me not talk because I do have a lot of stuff I have to do so let’s go ahead and jump to this video stay, first is what I end up getting is my nail kid, of course I have this, this has nothing to do, but you know I just wanted to take this video and I have my desk, my chair and have a trash can with stuff in it, so we need to go ahead and start building it I don’t know which one I should be the first to table a desk and then I’m not really sure what I wanted in my room like I have like this little corner in my room, then I feel like I want to put in A I might end up just practicing it right there because I’m not really sure if I’m gonna be taking people just yet, so I’m not okay, this little bit of spot that would be perfect to put in so let’s go oh I got this headache.And I got a chance and I want to put in this space right here, just because like I said before I’m not really gonna be taking people inside feel like I’m really good at it so but now I’m just gonna use space because your space was really just nothing like a big mirror right here and then I have like a chat right here, I’m like I’m putting it here for now, so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna go to table first I got some scissors.Za za za za za.Bc’s are.Za za za, yeah I had to get my uncle for you.Za za za za OK yeah, so now I’m just gonna show you guys my nail kid, we’re all came with it, so my nail kid, she put it inside of a crayon box, but I got cotton rounds, okay I have z topcoat I also have acrylic primer me see cuticle oils I guess scissors I guess this push push z critical back and of course I have this pretty pretty.Critic brush fowler’s nail clippers I also have glue I have two IDs and buffets for the diamonds through stones I got this bag of these cute little stones yeah these are so cute, so that will come in here and then I also have nail tips y’all so they go from which one this is this is for so is the range of one to four four these are the nail tips, I’ve got one on the floor.And here is the best business sport eyes the powders so I have this Rose powder which is like a hot pink clear courses like white weekends I have this one that should call mermaid, this is so cute white this one right here, flamingo is so cute, they have a little bit of glitter to it and then this one is a pink so it’s like your soft pink on camera, it looks white but I promise shot is peak and then limo oh I’m sorry lemons’s which is this bright yellow and then she also gave me some more rhinestones angle, so that’s what’s in here.For years I have two buffers, soft and hard side and three liquids, so this first one is a chronic for our mom mamas are I think don’t come for me I think that’s how you say it, but this acrylic mamas are and then this one right here is acetone and one thing I can say both of these is really shrunk, like I could smell it and it’s not even out the container and then I have these nail tips little things I’ve even known I saw this before. Okay, so this comes in handy’s a light, and this is the charger I okay, so I think that’s the cuticle pusher I wanna say yeah I really don’t know what this is for if you use a nail Tech come down below and something to store it, storage, the purple thing again, then we have this wonderful wonderful wonderful beginner nail chart, so one thing I can say with no charge and lets you know how to do and what to do so I’ll tell you how to do it and then let you know it.Finger nice, this is so cute, let’s let’s see about zip slide content, so she’ll tell you what they all are for which is a plus and then it’s this little, thank you card, so let’s see was say oh thank you so much look, thank you so much, and I have this in there we say queen, you are on you on your way to jazz future a privacy of your kids post on Instagram and Facebook and tagged Jane the code she entered her.Instagram and Facebook name which I’m gonna leave on screen check her out and they said they give shopping with J J Nicole every pay refer you send j. Nicole says you are free equipment, so if you guys want to become a nail Tech makes you guys get a gigantic oh I’ll leave her information down in the description box below and I’ll leave it up on the screen again and that’s all that it comes with and then it tells me how to use the light, the light, so that’s all for this month, then I got a package from Amazon and guess what, y’all.It’s my business card holder which is pink, so yeah my nail theme is going to be different shades of pink, A I really like pink that’s why these two are two different pink, so I get a light pink chair and then a dark pink table and then I got this which is light and dark pink with a tab of glitter, this is Amazon would say probably like nineteen dollars I end up getting that so you know when the girls come my girls, my clients my clients they could get a big scar from right here, so then I end up going to Walmart, of course and I dropped nothing, so I went to Walmart and I got these to put my diamonds in because I am going to be buying more diamond stones have you call them I’m gonna be some more, so I get twenty they both for the Dollar.At Walmart and then to practice my fingernail polishing techniques, all of these is a Dollar, they all la girls so I end up getting this cute heart quakes blue suit, then I got yellow and turned around and I got like this pinkish color, so all three colors that cute.And then I got a critical nipper, so let’s go around, so I can be able to clip it off trash can just to make sure I get rid of the trash and then I end up getting some fowler’s which already have, but these are pink inner barbs somebody so then I got the followers, so let me just go ahead and make shop organized everything, so this is how this side of my desk came out, so I have my business card holder, my business cards to be here in a minute, but I got my nails all in here so I could find somewhere to store these nails, somebody let me just put them in here for now you guys turn it I got buffers I got basically everything.Thing I need inside this little thing a jig and it rotates you remember you grew up decorating it looks pink and clear right, that’s what I’m talking about then right here I have my chart of how to do the nails and then I have my macbook of course, so it’s like perfect then over here I have my LED light two powders, the mama’s eyes are I think that’s what’s called a modified I’ll sit this of course alcohol wipes napkins, that’s important to have and the have literature in the bag, this yeah this car’s a mess, but I feel like it was just time in because everything is pink and then I have this picture up here I’m going to be getting more y’all because I want I don’t know why okay there it is, I’m also going to add more pictures up on a wall and I might actually end up painting this white so it looks so much better, so let me zoom out.