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Please do not soak your feet in water before treatment as the careless attachments are less effective on soaked or wet skin american manicure, start by plugging the main part of your manicure pedicure device into a socket, but do not switch on the device just yet, select the desired attachment part and carefully press it onto the axis of the device you have a choice of seven different attachments, a fine and a coarse sapphire wheel, a sapphire Ken felt cone a sapphire callous fire a cylindrical and a flame shape cutter to remove or swap attachments, take hold of the attachment and the device in separate hands and put them apart in opposite directions, you can also green nail art.Attached the protective cap to collect nail dust and skin cells switch on the device by moving the sliding switch down for an anti clockwise rotation up for clockwise rotation, any change of direction is also indicated by a change in the color of the LED light, you can increase and decrease the speed by using the plus and minus buttons.Start each application at a low speed and then increase as required blue leds light up on the surface of the device depending on the selected speed do not press too hard and always carefully move the attachments towards the area to be treated if you are treating your nails move the device in a circular motion slowly across the treatment area, applying only slight pressure when filing always move from the outside of the nail towards the tip.